8 Things To Do Everyday

We’re all guilty of falling into the hustle and bustle of an everyday routine. It’s all too easy to get caught up in a busy lifestyle that we sometimes forget about the small things that can really make a difference in our day to day lives.

Here are 8 small but meaningful things you can do every day to make life just a tad bit more enjoyable.

  1. Smile at yourself

Embrace positivity. Wake up each morning and be kind to yourself. No one else understands you the way that you understand yourself and that is a blessing.

  1. Breathe

Sometimes we just need to unwind and slow things down to gain some perspective. My new Apple watch reminds me to breathe slowly for 60 seconds every 3 hours. It seemed silly at first, but I’ve actually come to look forward to that one minute of silence every few hours.

  1. Stand up

Circulation and blood flow are essential to making sure our systems function properly. Choosing to stand instead of taking a seat really goes a long way in promoting healthy body function. Next time you take public transit, consider standing up instead of sitting down for that ride.

  1. Finish a task

I find crossing items off my to-do list extremely satisfying. Find one item today and complete it. You’ll feel more accomplished and you’ll have one less thing to occupy your mind tonight.

  1. Read something

Read an article, a book, a newspaper clipping, a tweet, or even a cereal box. Read something! Reading stimulates our brains, activates our memory, reduces stress, boosts vocabulary, provides encouragement, and inspires creativity. With all those benefits and more, why wouldn’t you want to read?

  1. Stretch

Speaking about benefits, stretching can stimulate your body just as much as reading stimulates your mind. Stretching increases flexibility, reduces possibility of injury, improves posture, and relieves stress. There are even stretches that you can perform safely at your desks during the workday!

  1. Think of one accomplishment you’ve made today

It’s good practice to express appreciation for the things in your life; your health, your lifestyle, your safety, etc. Take a moment and appreciate something you’ve achieved today. It doesn’t have to be much! Appreciate the small things in life, like getting out of bed ten minutes early so that you can have a proper breakfast.

  1. Text someone you love

It’s a wonderful feeling when you receive a message that lets you know that someone is thinking about you. It’s just as pleasing to know that you’ve made someone’s day by sending that message. Send out positive vibes into the world and bask in the warmth that reflects back at you. The world needs more love!

What are some of your daily routines? Let me know in the comments section below!

(Featured image: Kathryn Ho, www.instagram.com/khitters)

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