A Dinner in the Sky: Vancouver Edition

Vancouver has a pretty outstanding selection of restaurants. The quality of dining and food in this City is simply unreal.

So how do you take it to another level?


You take it to the sky.


I was lucky enough to have been invited to an evening seating during Vancouver’s premiere launch of Sky Dine, an aerial dining experience where the dinner guests are lifted 150 feet into the air for an exciting night of food, fun, and music.


Sky Dine originated in Belgium and is proud to have served guests in over 40 countries worldwide. This summer is Vancouver’s first to offer this exclusive dining experience. Seating is only available from July 1st to July 31st.


Sky Dine boasts a perfect safety record for all of their dining events, a process that is largely due to the precise safety standards taken by all members of the Sky Dine team.


While in the air we were accompanied by two safety attendants, the exclusive Sky Chef, and two Sky bartenders. They made sure that each guest was properly seated and strapped in before launching and kept an eye out for all safety hazards (not that there were any) while the table was suspended. They also made fantastic photographers!


Located in North Vancouver, Sky Dine provides a comfortable lounge area to guests waiting for their seating. This area included a bar, tables, sofa seating for VIPs, and a set of “exclusive” washrooms.


Here’s the #1 question I get asked about Sky Dine:

“What if you have to go to the washroom?”

Well, the logistics are fairly simple: a 200 foot crane lifts the 22-person table approximately 150 feet into the air where the guests can enjoy a leisurely, hour-long dinner. Ergo, you’re not up there very long. Use the toilet before you go up!


Our food was prepared by local Sky Chef Evan Elman who started off our 4 course meal with an appetizer of gazpacho, tuna tartare, and a glass of champagne. For the entrée, guests were given a choice of venison or sablefish – I chose the venison. We wrapped up our meal with a few more glasses of champagne and a serving of caramelized berries & panna cotta (two servings for me because the Chef was kind enough to slip me another one).


Now you’ll notice that I don’t have any pictures of the food…

And that’s because it was so delicious that I forgot to take pictures of it! #sorrynotsorry


This basic menu sits at a lofty price of $399 per person but the experience of having dinner in the sky was priceless. We went up on a clear night with almost no wind so it wasn’t too chilly and we had the most spectacular view of the lights of downtown Vancouver and Lions Gate Bridge.



The ambience was euphoric. They had a great playlist that had people (mainly me) dancing in their seats while chatting and drinking and generally having a great time. We even celebrated THREE birthdays with loud cheers and champagne!


I’m grateful for the experience and I definitely cannot see myself topping this dinner anytime soon.


Check out Sky Dine’s website here for their lunch, brunch, and VIP dinner options!


How do you feel about eating dinner 150 feet in the air? Let me know in the comments section below!

(Featured image: www.skydine.ca)

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